Sole Sisters


Become a Sole Sister!

Want to help us stop family violence in the Bow Valley? Are you a woman who…

  • likes to get things done?
  • is resourceful, creative and a go-getter?
  • is community minded?
  • supports equality and tolerance?
  • is up for the challenge of recruiting a team?

If so, Sole Sisters is perfect for you!

We know that the Number 1 reason men walk is because someone asked them to…and we all know how difficult it is to say no when the right woman asks you to help with something.

Register to become a sole sister

Here’s what you do:

1. Sign up by emailing Carla at

2. Answer the following questions in your email:

·         Your Name

·         City

·         Phone Number

·         Are you planning to work with a team that’s already registered? Yes / Not yet, but I’m working on it!

·         Would you be interested in being assigned as a Sole Sister to a team of our choice? Yes / No thanks

3. We’ll be in touch to get you an official Sole Sister pin and some helpful resources. 

4. Get out there and recruit! One team, five teams, the sky is the limit!!

5. Keep us posted on your progress. We’ll make sure that you’re celebrated for your efforts.

Did we mention there is a prize for the Sole Sister whose team raises the most money or has the most members? It’s never too late to sign up and help mobilize a team for the walk on Friday, September 15, 2017. So register now!